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The "Adventure EZine" Collection:
Look at teaching improvement as the exciting journey it truly is.

TFS Adventure Set Issues

The e-Zine issues in this subsection comprise the "Teaching as an Adventure" metaphor set. Perhaps the most beautiful, engaging and practical issues of all the TFS e-Zine issue produced so far.

These issues, Vol. 19, No.5 through Vol. 20, No. 3 feature the TFS Three Easy Pieces, Teaching improvement as an Adventure metaphor development series. Each issue is divided into innovative and aesthetically beautiful Adventure Prep, Expedition Outfitting, and Trek Improvement sections.


Section 1, Adventure Prep— faculty learn foundational concepts and new ideas relating to best practices, good teaching and learning. This section helps faculty understand more about "why" some concepts and strategies work better than others.


Section 2, Expedition Outfitting, presents in-depth, focused ideas on one or more of the Six Essentials elements of teaching improvement that are designed to help faculty solve specific teaching and learning problems in the context of their own teaching.


Section 3, Trek Improvement is interactive and dedicated toward offering faculty space to work on applying what they have learned in Sections 1 and 2 to their own teaching situation. "Trek Improvement" means just that—taking time to think through and record practical applications for immediate or future use in teaching improvement activities.


The Three Easy Pieces, Adventure Metaphor Set of 5 Issues

These five issues feature a synergy of high level art and layout work and innovative, engaging faculty development content.



Teaching For Success
E-Journal Vol. 19, No. 5

In This Issue:

• How Does It Add Up? p. 1-2.
• Optimize Instruction: Simple Teaching Sequence, p. 1.
• Harnessing the Power of “Breaking It Down”, pp. 3-4.
• Dave Bequette’s Top 10 Online Teaching Tips, pp. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
• How to Better Manage Group Learning, pp. 4-. 5.
• How to Teach Critical Thinking More Effectively pp. 5-8.
• Bonus Section: Success Action Steps, pp. 9-10

TFS Vol. 19. No. Cover

Teaching For Success
E-Journal Vol. 19, No. 6

In This Issue:
• The Teaching Adventure pp. 2-4.
• Play to Win-Win, pp. 4-5.
• Intro to Section II, Expedition. Outfitting and You, p. 6.
• “Newness” Gets Noticed, pp. 7-9.
• Integrity, pp.10-11
• First Timer’s Emergency Kit, p. 12.
• PIE-R3 Instructional Model “Prepare” Step, p.12.
• Memory Techniques Ease and Increase Learning Retention, pp 13-15.
* Intro to Section III, Track Improvement, p. 16.
• Trek Improvement Interactive, pp. 17-20

TFS Vol 19., No. 6 Cover

Teaching For Success
E-Journal Vol. 20, No.1

In This Issue:

• What’s in It for You? p. 2.
• Preparation: Laws of Successful Travel, p. 3.
• The Essential Why? p. 4.
• Power Shortage, pp. 5-8.
• Expedition Outfitting and You, p. 9.
• Must-know Online Learning Success Factors, pp. 10-12.
• To Quit or Not to Quit, p. 12.
• “Why Learn This? It’s Useless!”, p. 13-14.
• What do Students Really Want?, p.14.
• Side Trip: Active/Passive Learning Analyzer, p. 15.
• Twenty-six Styles Help Your Students Think, pp. 16-20.
• “WebQuest” Your Way to Active Learning, P. 21.
• Did You Know? Great Discussion Generator, P. 21.
• Dabby’s Teaching World (Humor) p. 22.
• Trek Improvement: Your Plans, pp. 24-27.

TFS Col 20. No1 Cover

Teaching For Success
E-Journal Vol. 20, No.2

In This Issues

• What's in It for You? p.2
• Preparation: Laws of Successful Travel, p. 3
• Clarify Your Teaching Purpose, pp. 4-6
• Touch Screen Technology, pp. 8-11
• How to Prevent Four Common Discipline Problems from Spoiling Your Trip, pp. 12-13.
• Bloom and Complexity Mountain, pp. 14-15
• Quick Tip, One-Minute Paper Redux, p. 21.
• Retention and the Toledo Experience, pp. 22-23.
• Side Trips: Searching the Web for New Ideas, p. 11,
• Side Trip: Class Planner for PIE-R3 Instr. System, pp. 16-20.
• In Search of Humor, Dabby’s Teaching World Cartoon, p. 24.
• Trek Improvement, Interactive: Creating Your Action Steps, pp. 26-29

TFS Vol20.No.2 Cover

Teaching For Success
E-Journal Vol. 20, No.3
In This Issue:

• Preparation: Laws of Success and Good Teaching, p. 3
• Myths and Realities of Success, pp. 4-5
• Thirty Success Thoughts for High Impact Teaching, p.6
• Expedition Outfitting and You, About Section II, p. 7
• How to Transform Student Fear into Enthusiasm, pp. 8-11
• Quick Tip: How to Evaluate, Grade or Reward Group Learning, p. 12
• Sharing Your Culture: There ‘s No Such Thing as Typical, pp. 13-15
• Quick Tip, Assignment Tracking, p. 16
• Learning Responsibility, pp. 17-18
• Trek Improvement, Interactive: Creating Your Action Steps, pp. 22-24

TFS Vol20. No3 Cover



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