Success Factor Teaching: Instruct

Instruction Success Factor Details

PIE-R3 Lesson Wheel


How to Instruct

  • Know learning outcomes
  • Know learning outcomes
  • Choose best teaching model
  • Present students with learning choices
  • Create PIE-R3 lesson plans
  • Set performance standards
  • Formulate or choose grading system; explain it to students
  • Provide improvement feedback


CSF 3.0.1 Overview PIE-R3 Lesson Planner Packet

1. Prepare

CSF 3.1. Warm Up to Learn Faster and Better
CSF 3.2. Reducing Anxiety

2. Input of New Knowledge

CSF 3.2.1 How to Involve the Senses to Optimize Learning
CSF 3.2.2 How to Replace Lecture with Q & A Sessions

3. Explor/Discover: Put Learning to Use

CSF 3.3.1 Fairy Tales in Literature Class
CSF 3.3.2 How to Explore New Knowledge

4. Recall

CSF 3.4.1 Recall: The Path to Retaining Knowledge

5. Reconfirm

CSF 3.5.1 Retention: Making Learning Last
CSF 3.5.2 How to Test - A 42-page QuickCourse

5. Reflect

CSF 3.6.1 Let's Start Evaluating Again

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