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Program Overview

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Jack Shrawder, Executive Director

Teaching Success Factors

The e-Mentor Program

Program Library
teaching for success teaching success factors

Section 1. Success Factor—Overview. Start your program exploration here. The chart shows the TFS Teaching Development Model. Use the model as a guide to building competency. One Chart, one page.

teaching success factors

Section 2. Success Factor—Application Ideas. Concepts grouped by factors that help you learn how to apply this new approach to your teaching skill development. Six Factors, 103 pages

Quick Tips

Section 3. QuickTips come in three sets of 10 ideas: Sets are chosen to help you add a variety of quick, best practices to your teaching. QuickTips strengthen instructional confidence. 30 Tips, 30 pages

TFS Rapid Help Guide Resources

Section 4. Rapid Help Guides. Concentrated help. Current three areas targeted: Knowledge Retention Strategies, Review Techniques, and Test Tips. Boost your instructional design competency. Three Guides, 99 pages

Success Insights

Section 5. Mindset Insights. Strengthen your growth Mindset Orientation to produce teaching Improvement and high achievement. Pass these on to your students. 44 Insights, 61 pages

Teaching For Success Issue Archive

Section 6. Ezine Archive. We preserved the best of Teaching For Success Issues noted for the wide variety and excellence in innovative teaching practices. 24 Issues, 256 pages

TFS Adventure Series Ezine Archive

Section 7. Adventures in Teaching. Each issue is like attending a seminar on teaching improvement complete with action steps for quick skill development. Five Issues, 72 pages

The TFS Solultionary

Section 8. The Solutionary. Find a searchable, true treasure trove of faculty shared best-practice, teaching ideas. Total pages in this section: 516 pages

TFS QuickCourses

Section 9. QuickCourses. The must-know fundamental skills of good teaching parsed into easy, self-study modules. Highly recommended for novice instructors. Eight Courses, 220 pages total

TFS QuickTools

Section 10. QuickTools. A dynamite set of eleven practical teaching forms, templates, checklists, etc. QuickTools offer unique approaches to solving common teaching problems. Eleven Tools, 54 pages

TFS QuickAnswers

Section 11. QuickAnswers. Have you questions about teaching? We have simple and clear answers. QuickAnswers are especially helpful to new faculty to understand common terms and concepts prevalent in education. 70 Topics, 66 pages

TFS Smartphone Tips

Section 12. Going Mobile. Load these mini-tips and have them instantly ready for reference when you need a mentor fast. Ten tips,10 pages

TFS Moments of Clarity e-Book

Section 13. e-Book. Moments of Clarity: An Anthology of Stories from Faculty Who Teach For Success. Seventeen faculty authors share their teaching moment of clarity when the understood what good teaching was all about. e-Book, 85 pages