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Program Overview

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The I Teach For Success™ Program

This Site is a Gift—One Educator's
Lifetime Collection of Teaching Improvement and Success Resources for

Part-time, Adjunct Instructors and Full-time Faculty

iTFS is a practical program to help all higher education instructors,
especially, adjunct and part-time faculty, to
improve the big three factors of successful teaching:
Clarity, Competence, and Confidence

How can you better your understanding of teaching and learning? Through special iTFSQuickCourses and 12 other iTFS Program sections offering help resources for instructors of all disciplines. The program is ideally matched to those adjunct and subject matter expert instructors who have not formally studied adult learning, education, instructional design, the psychology of learning and cognitive science.

I've have done a lot of the work over several decades to bring together hundreds of practical teaching and learning improvement resources covering good teaching principles, strategies, and practices. These resources will help you set and achieve your teaching goals, which in in turn help your students complete. Working for these two critical outcomes lays the foundation for those that teach for success.

In addition a comprehensive Program e-Libray of resources provides a treasure trove of engaging, energizing teaching ideas. And found nowhere else but iTFS is the compilation of 44 special Teaching Success Insights to incorporate.

Higher Ed teaching is so complex, changing, and varied today that each of us can benefit from incorporating ideas from as many creditable sources as possible. Here you will find personal success program that is particularly helpful for adjunct instructors who have not formally studied in the fields of education, cognitive science, learning technology, and adult learning.

iTFS, exists to help you, and through you, your students' reach goals and succeed. iTFS can teach you the essential skills of higher education instruction. Higher education institutions can purchase a license at Teaching For Success to add the ITFS Program contents to their own faculty development e-libraries. The iTFS Program is free for use by individuals.

The iTFS Program's eight self-study QuickCourses: